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API (Android only):
JSON output:[{"catApplus_pn":"com.quoord.tapatalkxda.activity","catApplus_name":"XDA-Developers","catApplus_cat":"Communication", "catApplus_cat_var":"communication", "catApplus_pub":"xda-developers"}]
  • In maintenance mode, the output is simply maintenance
  • If the application category is unknown, fields are set to "unknown", so the JSON output is:
    • [{"catApplus_pn":"myPackageName","catApplus_name":"unknown","catApplus_cat":"unknown", "catApplus_cat_var":"unknown", "catApplus_pub":"unknown", "catApplus_cat_pending":""}] if the application is in the database or
    • [{"catApplus_pn":"myPackageName","catApplus_name":"unknown","catApplus_cat":"unknown", "catApplus_cat_var":"unknown", "catApplus_pub":"unknown", "catApplus_cat_pending":"pending"}] if the app has not been categorized yet (check for updates).
CatApplus_cat values:'Arcade & Action', 'Brain & Puzzle', 'Cards & Casino', 'Casual', 'Racing', 'Sports Games', 'Books & Reference', 'Business', 'Comics', 'Communication', 'Education', 'Entertainment', 'Finance', 'Health & Fitness', 'Libraries & Demo', 'Lifestyle', 'Live Wallpaper', 'Media & Video', 'Medical', 'Music & Audio', 'News & Magazines', 'Personalization', 'Photography', 'Productivity', 'Shopping', 'Social', 'Sports', 'Tools', 'Transportation', 'Travel & Local', 'Weather', 'Widgets'
CatApplus_cat_var values:'arcade_action', 'brain_puzzle', 'cards_casino', 'casual', 'racing', 'sports_games', 'books_reference', 'business', 'comics', 'communication', 'education', 'entertainment', 'finance', 'health_fitness', 'libraries_demo', 'lifestyle', 'live_wallpaper', 'media_video', 'medical', 'music_audio', 'news_magazines', 'personalization', 'photography', 'productivity', 'shopping', 'social', 'sports', 'tools', 'transportation', 'travel_local', 'weather', 'widgets'
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